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Septic Tank Cleaning

Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning Services

We'll Keep Your Home's Septic Tank Clean and Fresh

Malburg's Sanitation Service Inc is your local choice for high-quality residential septic tank cleaning services in the Ludington, MI area. With a reputation spanning over 70 years, we are trained and experienced to provide a thorough and careful cleaning service for your tank.

By cleaning your tank regularly, you'll have a good chance to avoid clogs in your drain field. It’s best not to wait for a problem to occur. Routine cleaning is the best way to avoid a backup. Contact us now for more information.
Septic Services

Choose Us for the Periodic Maintenance of Your Septic Tank

Contact our team every 3 years for a complete septic system cleaning service to prevent any potential issues from occurring in the future. If you have any questions or concerns about your system, let us perform an inspection.
Septic Services

Take Advantage of Our Cost-Effective Septic Services

When you trust our experts, you'll experience the benefits that come with your decision. No matter what your service request is, you can rest assured that the area will be left clean when we're done. Sounds good, right? We look forward to serving your family soon!
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Malburg's Sanitation Service Inc has been serving the Ludington Area for over 70 years. We're well known in the area with the same strong customer base.
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